WE SPECIALIZE IN traditional cakes made from scratch, using butter not oil for a close crumb texture.

All our cakes are available for special order with 48 hours notice. Weekend orders close at 2pm on Thursday

Cakes are available daily in the case whole or sliced


Design your own cake

select cake size

4 inch cake (2 servings) $12

6 inch cake (6 servings) $30

8 inch cake (12 servings) $45 

10 inch cake (20–24 servings) $75

12 inch cake (30–35 servings) $95 

14 inch cake (40 servings) $120

Vegan and gluten free available for 6” cakes or larger. They are an additional $5 per cake.

4 inch cakes are available in chocolate or vanilla bean only

select cake flavor

Banana Chocolate Chip | Buttermilk | Lavender | Carrot | Chocolate | Vanilla Bean | Coconut | Lemon | Lemon Poppyseed | Red Velvet
[our cakes are butter-base & have a close crumb texture]

select buttercream for the filling and frosting

Caramel | Chocolate | Cream Cheese | Lavender | Lemon | Raspberry | Strawberry | Vanilla Bean
Italian meringue buttercream (+$5)
[Italian meringue buttercream is less sweet than other buttercreams & should be room temperature before enjoying]

Select specialty filling (optional)
add $5

Blackberry jam | Blueberry earl grey Jam | Raspberry jam | Strawberry jam | Vanilla pastry cream | Chocolate ganache | Lemon curd

specialty Cakes

These are Antoinette Baking Co. favorite flavor combinations. Each is available as a 3-layer cake made with specialty ingredients.

These cakes have set decor but written messages may be added. For a cake with custom decor, scroll up to "design your own cake".

6 servings $40 12 servings $55

The Great Pumpkin Cake
pumpkin cake | caramel ganache | brown butter Italian meringue buttercream, caramel drizzle, and pumpkin seeds

Cinnamon Roll Cake
cinnamon swirl cake | cinnamon pastry cream | cream cheese Italian meringue buttercream, topped with swirled white chocolate bark shards

Chocolate Banana Cake
banana chocolate chip cake | chocolate ganache filling | chocolate Italian meringue buttercream

Caramel Carrot
carrot cake | caramel filling | cream cheese Italian meringue buttercream

Chocolate Dreams
dark chocolate cake | whipped chocolate cream cheese filling | chocolate Italian meringue buttercream

Red Raspberry Velvet Cake
red velvet cake | raspberry jam filling | cream cheese Italian meringue buttercream

Lavender Blueberry
Lavender cake | blueberry earl grey jam filling | lavender Italian meringue buttercream

Lemon Drop Cake
lemon cake | lemon curd filling |lemon Italian meringue buttercream

Vegan Julia Cake
vegan almond cake | raspberry jam filling | vegan almond buttercream

Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Cake
vegan chocolate cake | raspberry jam filling | chocolate buttercream

Vegan Almond Joy
vegan chocolate cake | vegan coconut cream filling | vegan almond buttercream, topped with shaved almonds

Crepe Cakes

9 inch cake | 12 servings | $64

select a Flavor

Salted Caramel
topped and covered in caramel

Vanilla Bean
classic vanilla bean cream with a brule top

strawberry whip and lightened pastry cream finished with mirror glaze

Passion Fruit
passion fruit curd with chocolate ganache

lemon curd whip and finished with mirror glaze

Please order as soon as you know you need a cake. We need 48 hours notice for special orders.

Weekend orders close at 2pm Thursday. We reserve the right to close orders sooner if the schedule is full.

We do not guarantee exact color matching.